Sayap Kecil: A 5.8 metre all aluminium purpose built, in-survey dive boat. She is powered by two 60hp 4-stroke Yamaha engines. Sayap Kecil was manufactured by ORCA Boats in Yepoon Queensland. She is in survey for up to ten persons, including crew, the maximum number of divers taken at any one time is four plus two crew. Despite her size, she has a remarkable carrying capacity and is very stable due to her two aluminium pontoons.

Entry is by backward roll. A relatively deep sturdy ladder is used for easy exits. All mandatory safety equipment including oxygen is on board

For the Photographer: Personal space on Sayap is very “friendly”… in other words, there isn’t a great deal. However there is a communal tub for smaller cameras or for the larger camera, space is allocated on deck. Fresh water is available during the surface interval on Direction Island.

Putri Laut: An in-survey, 8.5 metre aluminium mono-hull, powered by a KAD 43 Volvo Penta diesel. She was built on Cocos in 1992 by Hampton Yachts. Putri Laut is in survey to carry ten divers plus two crew. All divers have their own tank racks plus heaps of storage for personal gear. Storage bins are available for camera gear. She offers big boat comfort with small group sizes.

On Putri Laut it is possible to launch two divers simultaneously by way of giant stride at the rear of the vessel. Two deep ladders enable easy exit.

For the Photographer: A 20 litre fresh water tub is available for washing cameras in between dives or on Direction Island during the surface interval. Tubs are allocated to each diver, so cameras can be stored in safety under the tank racks.

Sayap Kecil from below